Opalescence Go™ Whitening – quick, simple, convenient!

The professional alternative to custom whitening trays.

For most full mouth cases, I use custom whitening trays and Opalescence™ PF. In some
cases, custom whitening trays can be avoided with alternative solutions.

One such solution is our Opalescence Go™ with its unique Ultrafit™ Tray. A lot of details
had to be considered in order to create a truly practical and patient friendly product. The Ultrafit trays are pre-fabricated, pre-filled and ready for immediate use. Dental staff are usually excited to be able to offer these trays to their patients.

Opalescence Go_Melon and Mint
Opalescence Go_Tray

Opalescence Go is available in two Flavours: Mint and Melon.

Opalescence Go Ultra-Fit trays:
Versatile trays with a colored outer tray to help to place and position.
Inner tray to adapt to the teeth.

Because there are patients who struggle with the time and process expenditure for the creation of customized whitening trays, Opalescence Go is a great alternative. In most of these cases, results are visible after using them for 3-5 days. Patients and practices alike can benefit from the advantages offered with this type of treatment. Without the need for creating customized trays or investing in a lot of chair time for expensive in-office treatments, both sides can recognize this as a time and financial benefit.

When offered as part of the regular hygiene appointments, many patients really appreciate their teeth not only becoming clean and smooth but also whiter. We recommend offering them a few Opalescence Go trays as an advanced prophylaxis treatment to be used following a professional tooth cleaning (if any scaling was used in the prophylaxis, it is recommended to wait a week following the prophylaxis to enable soft tissues to heal completely. This minimizes soft tissue sensitivity during the whitening treatment). This can keep their smile looking good or can create the demand for an entire whitening treatment if one has not yet been completed.

The Treatment Process:

It is evident that a professional tooth cleaning should be accomplished prior to any whitening treatment. Additionally, a thorough exam and diagnosis of tooth color is needed, I like to involve the patient for this process. Once ready for the tooth whitening treatment, the patient is instructed on how to use the Opalescence Go trays (see images):

1. Remove the trays from the package.

NOTE: The trays are marked for Upper (U) and Lower (L).

Opalescence Go_Step 1

Upper and Lower arch trays are available in blister packs.

2. Center the tray on the arch.

Opalescence Go_Step 2

3. Gently suck down around the tray. The inner tray will adapt to the arch.

Opalescence Go_Step 3

4. Remove the colored outer tray and dispose.

Opalescence Go_Step 4

5. Further adapt the inner tray by further sucking down and applying lip pressure. This amount of pressure will be enough to assure the tray adapts and covers the entire tooth. The active ingredient will spread throughout the tooth and even under brackets. Do not use fingers to further adapt as it may push too much of the whitening gel onto the gingiva.

Opalescence Go_Step 5

6. Wear the Opalescence Go 6% for 60-90 minutes per application. Give the patient as many trays as you think they will need and schedule a follow up appointment to determine if more whitening trays are necessary.

Opalescence Go_Step 6

The inner tray adapts and remains stable in its position during the entire wear- time. Wear the Opalescence Go 6% for 60-90 minutes. Afterwards dispose of the tray and clean teeth with a toothbrush.

Opalescence Go_LM TW_before

Slight yellow discoloration, very typical color change from food and dyes.

Opalescence Go_LM TW_after

After 6 days of treatment.

In case any sensitives may occur during treatment, we usually recommend using our Opalescence Sensitivity Relief toothpaste for a couple weeks before and during any whitening treatments. If there is sensitivity during the whitening process, we offer UltraEZ™ trays. The active ingredients are potassium nitrate and fluoride and will provide a rapid treatment for sensitivity.

When further restorative treatments are required, keep in mind it is important to postpone them for 7-10 days after any whitening program. This will ensure that any bonding procedures are not compromised from the oxygen ions present in the
tooth. This also allows for the color of the teeth to stabilize.

Little effort – great impact

Opalescence Go treatments are associated with minimal expenditure of time and money for both patients and practice. We also realize there is a general oral health benefit from the treatment, the PF in the whitening formula can strengthen the enamel. This plus the increased awareness, of whiter teeth, which is regularly noticed by patients after their whitening, can motivate and inspire them to have better oral hygiene and schedule regular hygiene visits.

We often hear back from patients with comments like, “I did not expect tooth whitening could be so easy!” and “Thank you, it is much more fun to smile and laugh”.

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